Online School

Free Online High School

Do you want to know if there is any free online high school? Or maybe do you wonder how the learning method in online school is? Well, in general, the form of interaction in online school has two from, which are direct and indirect meetings. At an indirect meeting, the teacher only ask questions and students look for their own answers. In video conferencing class, students are more passive and merely listening. Therefore the class will remain quite and the learning process will run smoothly as a result.

Besides individual and personal, online school also has interactions group. There is usually a team room interaction, which is a discussion class for students with their teammates to discuss group assignments. Then there is also a personal class, namely student meetings, and interaction in the form of meet the teacher, where each student can meet privately with their teacher to discuss the lesson or assignment. In addition to online interactions, students usually also get facilities to meet and discuss directly with other students and teachers. They can also enjoy campus facilities such as libraries or be involved in student organizations.

Now, you may also want to know how about the online assessment system in a free online high school? Basically, there are four assessment components. The first is the grades of mid semester and end semester examination. After that, there are also personal assignments and group assignments. Finally, activeness in online class is also part of the assessment system, in which students answer questions from teacher lecturers in discussion forums. However, student who wants to take online high school should be prepared and well packed with good internet connection, computer and other support system. They also have to be prepared to have only online friends because they may only meet their friends in an online class, not in real life.

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